“La lumaca del Cavaliere” arises from the will to create an efficient, well organized company in the still confused world of snails breeding.

After a number of studies and research in this domain, we decided to professionally launch the business in 2012, joining the management experience of Cavaliere family with the thirty year-old experience in the agricultural field of Valenti family.

The union of these two professional wisdoms has created a breeding of 2 hectares, provided with 48 pens.

The environmental studies, the application modern methods (innovative and scientific) and the know-how acquired during the previous experiences, have been used in order to optimize the success of this project and the management of the business.

Our “mission” is not just this, because we believe that our technical and cultural knowledge in this field cannot be “penned up”, and this is the reason why we don’t want to be just breeders but also guides for all those who want to approach to this kind of business.

On the basis of the requests, we will study and propose the best systems to adopt, according to individual needs, assisting our clients who want to carry on this kind of business. We will show them our technical knowledge, proposing the design of new facilities, providing advice on purchases of all they need to launch and run their own business (equipment, materials, breeding, etc.), offering competitive prices.

Our company is located in Baucina (PA) and it is always available for visitors who want to come, out of curiosity or for explanatory meetings.