Offers for new farms

The Company “La Lumaca del Cavaliere” offers a range of services and offers that depart from the CREATION of the systems "turnkey" thanks to its team of specialized workers and technicians, realizes materially the entire plant to your place, through the study and the preparation of projects, the offer of the materials necessary for the implementation and management of the facilities, the service of operational consultancy constant and long lasting, in the service of tutoring for beginners, including withdrawal at the agreed price (market) of production of snails breeders our partners.


In detail:

Plant turnkey

Our team of specialized workers and technicians, will be responsible for the material of the plant snail, beginning with the construction of fences (tracking, digging furrows, burying the network, securing the network and ruffles), construction of irrigation with verification of operation, the preparation and treatment of the soil, sowing specification of different types of foods palatable and environmental.

This offer we believe that it is not only a saving of time and energy, but a guarantee of professionalism on the part of our Company which does not just sell the material wishing you good job, but working side by side with you since day one, showing you sin beginning the reliability and quality of our services.



The first thing to do when you plan to start this business, you do not get caught up too much by the desire to begin with, perhaps realizing the system in an approximate way and rushed.

The success of a good part of their project, which aims not only to an optimum design, but also open to possible future business development, anticipating as much as possible the potential issues that can hide a snail breeding and saving on future costs of improvement and/or expansion.

A good design will simplify your daily management of breeding, reducing unnecessary work, effort and poor performance of your business.


Offer material

Since we are primarily farmers, we know the harsh reality that is offered in the eyes of those who dreams of becominga breeder snails.

The lack of knowledge of the industry combined with low market supply of various materials needed, do you spend more than is necessary.

Know who to turn to, to buy that material, being able to directly choose the "best", we evaluated which can lead to substantial savings.

We propose to search for suppliers and the material it for you by offering several offers from which to choose and indicate the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each offer.

Following this criterion, we have confirmation from our many partners who have in some cases we have saved about 30% compared to the previously offered by Them considered.

The prudent reduction in costs of initial investment, can and should allow, especially in a difficult time economically so, the approach to this activity to all those who have initiative, but perhaps a few resources to be used. Allowing, now, to dream and to start a business in the short, BUT NOT VERY SHORT, will give satisfaction also economic in their work.

Below is a list of the products marketed:

Network for internal fences to escape anti snails: special network antifuga. Made of HDPE with high resistance to wind, the sun and UV rays.

Antifuga perimeter network: perimeter network of height 2.00 m, made from HDPE with high resistance to wind, the sun and UV rays.

Seeds: seeds selected for the cultivation of the farm fences.

Feed: particular feed for snails to integrate supply of snails.

Snails breeding: we select mares young snails and ready for the first pairing of the species Helix aspersa Muller.

Network for packaging snails: tubular netting in rolls, available in various colors.

Material irrigation complete: pipes, sprinklers, controllers, pumps, fittings, etc....


Operational advice

Our experts, assisted by professionals, offer a service of this advice, steady and durable.

We are available to those who need it with:

  • Phone consulting constant
  • Advice telematics
  • Regular visits in the works
  • Operational Programme for farm management
  • Programming the making of purchases and expenses
  • Analysis of possible problems
  • Business consulting (with the provision of various events, fairs, festivals and everything related to the Snails)


Tutoring service

This service is mainly dedicated to those who are less experienced, but not only.

Become elicicoltore does not mean build a fence and put in snails.

Become masters of matter, knowing modes, motivations, analyzing the details, knowing anticipate problems, planning interventions, and so on. you learn only through experience in the field, day after day, under the sun or in the rain, sometimes not returning home for dinner because the snails to know to be observed, are all factors that require time, months, years of dedication.

We propose as a tutor in your new experience, making you gain time in learning, not offering a training course that includes a series of general information often told and almost never analyzed, but helping and transferring all our knowledge on the subject, throughout the breeding cycle, so that you become in the shortest time possible "self " without the risk of making mistakes due to inexperience, for practically mandatory for all new breeders.

All this will make it easier as well as in management practice, even entering in the industry, becoming in short a connoisseur and an expert breeder, dovendoti not necessarily endorse anyone, but sapendoti move in a market in strong growth and constant evolution.


Trade agreement

For people who are new in this field today, the first problem is to sell the snails once they are ready.

There is now a physical place, much less virtual, where lean easily for sale.

For this reason we offer the opportunity for new farmers (for those who wanted it) of a trade agreement where we guarantee the purchase of the entire production at a fixed price agreed (market price), which ensures you to sleep soundly and only concern the successful completion of your work in the field.